Most Recent Publications

I am currently one of three art editors for Kansas City Voices, a magazine of art and literature. It is produced once a year and takes submissions from writers and artists throughout the world. Before becoming an editor, one of my stories was published in the 2010 copy.

Mother’s Red Fingernail Polish is the title of a small book [6 essays]. It is a little book of 40 pages, and delightful stories told in the first person.

This is only one of my voices, the other being the third person story-teller that you’ll find in my novel, Return of the French Blue. [Again, see Amazon for paperback and Kindle versions.]

The second novel featuring Catalina and Bonhomme, international spies, is She Rides with Genghis Khan. It was published in May 2013. Take a look on

I’m currently working on a second anthology, Father’s Fried Egg Sandwiches, which is a companion to Mother’s Red Fingernail Polish. The anthology will be published in September, 2013.

Next on the writing “to do” list is a novella featuring Catalina’s grandmother, Nonna, who worked the French Maquis [Resistance in the countryside] during WWII. You won’t want to miss it, if you have any interest in the French Resistance … and my character Catalina. Look for Nonna’s Story: A spy for the French Resistance.

In January, 2014, I’ll begin writing novel #3, When the Eunuchs Ruled. This takes me out of my comfort zone [yet again] and into time-travel and historical fiction. Get set for another wild ride!

Enjoy the read!