Published books [or written and nearly published]:
1. Mother’s Red Fingernail Polish, 2011 [An anthology]
2. Return of the French Blue, 2012 [A novel]
3. She Rides with Genghis Khan, 2013 [A novel]
4. Father’s Fried Egg Sandwiches, 2014 [An anthology]
5. Code Name: Purple Fire, 2014 [Novella featuring Abbie Scott and Cooper Sinclair]

Books “in the works”
1. The Third Knife [Espionage, tragedy, and passion in the French Resistance] A novella and prequel to my novels. [Due to be published in late 2014.]
2. Code Name: Yellow Fire. {A novella] Yet to be written.
3. When the Eunuchs Ruled [Third novel in a series featuring Catalina Syrah and Nicholas Bonhomme] Due to be published in early 2016
4. Code Name: Crimson Fire [Third novella] Yet to be written. [2015 projected publication.]