My novels are inspired by the past.  They take time to research, but history guides me, lending truth to stories where fact and fiction meld into one.  Three characters dominate my books.  Readers learn to love, hate or love to hate them. They’ll be here for a while, I tell my friends, so enjoy.  My heroine is a strong, beautiful woman who radiates passion and intelligence.  Catalina Syrah takes you places you’ve never been before and leads you on escapades like those of the legendary Indiana Jones.  But unlike Jones, she looks terrific in three-inch stiletto heels and a seamless black lycra dress.  Knives replace whips, Buddhist art substitutes for archeology and the dreaded enemy changes from the Nazis to the ancient Assassin cult.


Return of the French Blue is the first in the Catalina and Bonhomme series.   It begins in California’s Wine Country and moves quickly to Paris and the French Riviera.  It’s a novel filled with glitz, grit, passion and mission.  It’s a fantasy of how we might see ourselves … if we only had the guts and the chutzpah to carry it off. It is the story of Catalina and Bonhomme as much as it is a tale of vengeance, terror and a sting operation that beats all stings.

An excerpt from Return of the French Blue
Mazeer’s gaze pierced the smoke-filled bar as the man strode toward him.

“Why do you take so fucking long,” Mazeer hissed.  “You’d better have something good for me or this deal is over.”

“Calm down. Let me get a drink.  Then we’ll have a look-see.”  The diamond dealer leaned over and whispered, “Keep your voice down.  Look around you!  Do you want to live through the night?”


She Rides with Genghis Khan mixes fact with fiction, building layer upon layer that only the wildest imagination can concoct. The more I researched, the more I realized… I can’t make this stuff up. History, and life as we know it, merges into a drama brimming with suspense. Catalina and Bonhomme traverse the Silk Road in search of the lost Buddha Jewel. Treasured documents and secret histories guide them deep into the heart of Mongolia where they seek the burial site of Ginghis Khan, one-time ruler of the known world and suspected guardian of the wish-fulfilling Jewel.

An excerpt from She Rides
In the privacy of their room, Catalina watched Bonhomme as he pulled
his T-shirt off and unbuckled his belt. Stay focused, she cautioned herself.

“Bonhomme, we haven’t seen the assassin for days. He could be anywhere. What scares me the most is that he always seems to know where we are.”

Bonhomme stepped out of his jeans and tossed them on a chair.
Don’t Frenchmen ever wear underpants? She wondered.


When the Eunuchs Ruled is the third book in the series featuring Catalina Syrah and Nicholas Bonhomme. This novel takes Cat and Bonhomme back to the Ming Dynasty, when the eunuchs actually ruled. Their time-travel is only in the formative stages, but I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. A grin crosses my lips every time I think about the twists and turns of this most incredible story.