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Why I write.

I write for the sheer joy of telling a good story, and I write to entertain and transport my readers to another place and time.  I write to keep you from all the things you should be doing but can’t, because you must find out what happens next to Catalina Syrah.  I write to engage you in stories – so very completely – that you will miss appointments, forget to eat, neglect your family, get stiff from sitting and be cranky at work because you stayed up until 2 AM finishing my latest novel.

I want you to live in the world I’ve created, and when people call your name you’ll be so far away you won’t hear them because you’re still in Paris with Nicholas Bonhomme, or traveling along the ancient Silk Road, or riding in an old Russian Jeep bumping your way across the vast green steppe of Mongolia.  I want you to jump when you hear a car backfire because you are certain the assassin, Gul Mazeer, is out to kill you next.
So I say to you good readers … come along.  Join me.  Read my books, my short stores and essays.  I guarantee this:  you will not be disappointed.

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