I am passionately committed to a career in writing.  I have written two novels and a number of essays and short fiction, and I have received awards for my writing.  I recently published a small 40 page anthology called ‘Mother’s Red Fingernail Polish’. There are six delightful essays in this little book, four of them previously published. My first novel, ‘Return of the French Blue’, is also available on and has received very positive reviews. Please take a look!

Before becoming a full-time writer, I was a professional fundraiser.  I worked in higher education, non-profit management and public schools for over 25 years.  I taught, managed programs and fundraised for four universities and five non-profits. I also owned my own consulting firm, Venture Philanthropy.

I received a BA degree from San Jose State University, an MA in History from Colorado State University and an MA from the University of Kansas in Asian Art History.  I also completed a Masters degree, from Colorado State University, in Counseling and Student Personnel Administration.

I thoroughly enjoyed my career in fundraising and teaching; however, I love my career in writing.  My novels are part of a three-book series featuring a “female Indiana Jones.” Catalina Syrah is in Return of the French Blue, She Rides with Genghis Khan, and When the Eunuchs Ruled. I look forward to a long and rewarding career.