I am passionately committed to a career in writing. I’ve written two novels, a novella, and two short but delightful anthologies. My first novella, Code Name: Purple Fire will be published in August, 2014. Please take a look at my Publications page for detailed information on my books!

Before becoming a full-time writer, I was a professional fundraiser.  I worked in higher education, non-profit management and public schools for over 25 years.  I taught, managed programs and fund raised for four universities and five non-profits. I also owned my own consulting firm, Venture Philanthropy.

I received a BA degree from San Jose State University, an MA in History from Colorado State University and an MA from the University of Kansas in Asian Art History.  I also completed a Masters degree, from Colorado State University, in Counseling and Student Personnel Administration. Unfortunately, three masters degrees do not add up to one PhD–but I think they should! 😉

I thoroughly enjoyed my career in fundraising and teaching; however, I love my career in writing.  My novels are part of a three-book series featuring a “female Indiana Jones.” Catalina Syrah is in Return of the French Blue, She Rides with Genghis Khan, and When the Eunuchs Ruled. I look forward to a long and rewarding career.