E-publishing: more than self published

I’m in the process of e-publishing my two novels and a short anthology. Someone asked me if this was my method of finding an agent or a publisher. I said something like this: maybe. First i want to see how well i can do without giving up 85% of the gross income that agents and publishing houses take. I want to see that flip the other way. Amazon and Createspace can do that for me. Amazon [the distributor] takes 30%, leaving me with 70%. [It will adjust given the price you charge for your book[s]. My goal right now is to finalize the editing on my novels [the best editor in the world is doing that for me], then gain LOTS of good info re drawing readers and writers to my sites — web, twitter, facebook, blog, general chatter. That’s where e-marketing comes in. It’s a big challenge but we have a group in Kansas City that is working very hard to perfect our marketing platforms. We’ll get there! I’m certain. I intend to “go viral” with my books. 🙂 If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Never forget that.

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